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Why choose Hostel Tallinn?

Hostel Tallinn is the nearest hostel to the airport as well as to the Tallinn bus station with regional and international connections to Russia and other Baltic states every day. It is comfortable to stay at hostel Tallinn before your flight and reach the airport that is connecting Tallinn to larger cities in Europe well-rested and on time in the following moring. The comfortable Hostel Tallinn is located in the centre of Tallinn right next to the Tallinn bus station. The Tallinn airport is a 5 minutes drive and the old town and shopping centres are a 10 minutes walk away. 

We are offering accommodation in Tallinn to tourists travelling alone as well as to groups visiting the city. We have single, double, triple, four-, five- and six-bed rooms. There are parking spaces available for the cars of our guest as well as for busses of visiting groups. The hostel features a furnished kitchen. Closest places for eating out are located within a 100 meter radius of the hostel. There is free WiFi in the rooms.


Why choose hostel accommodation?

Like the people that populate them, hostels come in all different shapes and styles. While many hostels now offer private rooms as well as dorms, the principal definition of a hostel is found in its communal spaces. That’s where you really experience the advantage of travel accommodations that are both social and inexpensive. Hostels not only save you money on bed nights and provide you with the opportunity to meet fellow travelers, here are 5 more reasons why hostelling rocks.

1) Stretch Your Budget
When you’re hostelling, you can save money on more than just accommodation. The Hostelling International/Youth Hostel Association (HI/YHA) for example, offers numerous deals for its members including discounts for: car rentals and public transportation, tours, restaurants, attractions, and even travel gear! Most hostels also set up discount partnerships with local businesses and tour operators. Ask the hostel staff for the best places to eat cheap, or where the main attractions are. They are always happy to show their city.

2) Live Lavish on a Buck
Many hostels are becoming very competitive in offering the same services then hotels, included in the low price! Even the bare bones traditional hostel which only offers dorm beds, for example, is very likely to have free Wi-Fi, cable TV and a shared kitchen. There are also hostels offering additional free walking tours. In major cities, it is also quite common for the more festive hostels to have their own bars, pool tables and even dance lounges inside the building!

3) Guide Your Itinerary
Any hostel worth its salt has an abundance of local travel information. Hostels go beyond maps and pamphlets, often employing a lending library for guests filled with the latest editions of Lonely Planet, Frommer’s or more local attractions and walking guides. Many even offer detailed instructions on getting to key destinations via public transportation.

Most of the time, hostel staff and guests are given the opportunity to contribute to the body of local knowledge. Bulletin boards of ‘staff picks’ or ‘local events’, guest books, online communities, front desk staff and common room conversations are great information sources. Many hostels have free internet access so you can go to sites like TripAdvisor for attraction reviews.

4) Survive Emergencies
Gear gets lost or stolen, budgets get blown and funds get delayed in the morass of international banking. Because of this, travelers – especially students on a low budget – can find themselves in tight spots while on the road. The good news is that most hostel owners and their staff have been in similar tight spots and are in the position to help.

Many hostel kitchens have ‘free food’ shelves where guests can leave their excess groceries, or score groceries when money is tight. Similarly, ‘free bins’ or ‘free boxes’ are common at hostels. Many hostels also now provide free breakfasts, dinner specials and/or drink specials, so you can still enjoy the local food and fun for much less.

A good number of hostels officially or unofficially offer work-for-stay programs, in which hostellers on tight budgets can stay for free in exchange for volunteer work. In many parts of the world, the free bed night includes free breakfast.

5) Forward Thought
Hostellers and hostel staff are by and large a passionate lot – young-spirited, educated, open-minded and socially conscious. Shared accommodation is more environmentally sustainable than private accommodation, and sharing your living space with people from all over the world, of all creeds, religions, races and material backgrounds, gives you access to a wide range of insight.

Many can also facilitate your cultural and natural history education, offering walking tours, information sessions and live local music, as well as access to field guides and other educational tools.


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