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Hostel Tallinn is particularly suitable for passengers who arrive to the city or leave the city by bus or plane  - Hostel Tallinn is located in Tallinn city center directly next to the Tallinn’s Central Bus Station on the Filtri road and Juhkentali street intersection. The airport is just 3 minutes drive time away. We offer free parking to the passengers with cars in the courtyard of the hostel.

  • Airport – Bus Nr 2. Come off in the third stop Tallinna autobussijaam (about 5 min). Taxi takes about 3 min or have a little walk after sitting in the plane (about 15 minutes).
  • Tallinn Central Bus Station – bus station is located next to the hostel!
  • Harbor – Bus Nr 2 (station Tallinna autobussijaam) or taxi (approx. 10 min).
  • Train Station – Tram Nr 2 or taxi (approx 15 min).
  • Old Town is about 10 minutes walk away, there is also very good tram connection.

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Airport  - Hostel Tallinn

Tallinn Central Bus Station - Hostel Tallinn

Harbor - Hostel Tallinn

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